Enable Comments Evolved Pluging for Moderate Facebook Comment in WordPress.

Comments Evolved facebook moderate
Comments Evolved is multiple comment WordPress plugin.Moderate/change facebook comment like, editing, deleting(removing), and getting notification FB comment of Comment.

Comment Evolved is a WordPress based plugin which is use to apply multiple comment system in a wordpress. Its really a very easy to install, but the problem with this plugin is that developer had not provided a single solution for moderation Facebook comment. As a spammers are attacking through comments for online marketing, the…

How to Create FaceBook App Id For Website 2014?

tutorial about to create a facebook app id 2014 with help of screenshot images, Made a apps id on facebook for a grip on facebook comments plugin.

Facebook is a first preferred platform in the eyes of internet marketing, as it has a higher market share as compare to other social media. This thing is very well known by the developers of the Facebook inc. Hence they are providing number of plugins that are directly integrated in the any website or blogs…

How to Reuse Archived Files on Your Blog with Free Online PDF to Word Converter

pdf to doc (2)
Copy text from locked pdf file using free online pdf converter to word, Reuse archived files for blogging purpose, Free online *.pdf to *.doc convertor.

As a blogger, you must constantly be on the lookout for great post ideas and topics. Most times, it is not so difficult to generate lots of great topic ideas for posts that your readers are interested in. After all, your blog readers very often hint at what they want to read or learn about….

Install Multiple Comment System like WordPress In blogger.

Multiple Comment box in Blogger
A wordpress type multiple comments in blogger. Add multiple comment system like facebook, blogger, Disqus and Google plus comment together on Blogspot Blog.

After a long time i am coming with another awesome blogger tricks that is Using multiple comment system in blogger. Before many days ago I had shared an tricks to use Blogger, FaceBook and Disqus comment together in Blogger Blog. I had noticed at that time that many bloggers are facing many issue in installation…

Why students should start blogging?

student blogger
Why to start blogging during schooling or collage life stage of students. Blogging helps students to enhance their skills, knowledge and Entrepreneurship power.

In the life cycle, student life is a key knowledge stage "where a students will decide what that he/she wants to become?" They just need motivation to explore their skill and interest. Blogging is the one of the best platform where through they can explore their skills in the world of internet. At present era of…

Ultimate Guides to On Page SEO of a Blogger Blog.

On Page SEO of a Blogger Blog
Tips on Blogger on Page SEO, Find core ultimate guides to setup On Page SEO of a Blogger Blog. For successful blogspot On page optimization play a essential roll.

An Ultimate Guide for a blogger beginners who want to make their each blogger page and post Search engine friendly through on page search engine optimization. Here In this post you will find the core tips for SEO which is the leading factor to be have to considers while designing, writing and optimizing post in…

10 Basic Core Tips to “Reduce Blogger Blog Loading Time”.

reduce blog load time
An effective core strategies for a blogger to speedup blogger blog load time, Find the core tips to increase the speed to load a blog for Search engine optimization.

Hi, there. You are here so lets me assume that you all are having the too much load time issue and too much worried your blogging success, Right ?. Well there is no need to worried the solution is here. Generally it is to be found that many new beginners are facing this trouble, And…

How Visitors Learns Whether to Revisit the Website or Not?

visitor revist behaviout website
Learn Visitor behavior for visiting website again, Theoretical implication of consumer behavior to understand the visitors psychology towards revisiting site.

As a web publisher we all are aware about the importance of revisit of the website right? In the present era of competition any business owner had desire that their first visitor need to convert in to repeat visitor. As a entrepreneur to identify "why our website revisit is too low?" first we need to…

List of Disqus Comment Tutorial, Tips and Tricks for Blogger.

disqus and blogger tips, disqus and blogger tips, using disqus comment in blogger, find all the blogger tutorial on the disqus comment and their solutions. Know and implement all the disqus related tutorial for blogspot.

This post is consist with the number of blogger tips and tricks to synchronize disqus comment platform inside the blogger blog. Up till now i had shared number of blogger tips, tricks and the tutorial, here is a list of post related to the disqus. If you had already using disqus or you planning to move on disqus comment…

jQuery Expand/Collapse Subscription slider Panel For Blogger.

jQuery Expand/Collapse Subscription slider Panel For Blogger widget, at top of the blogger blog "Hello Guest! subscribe us widget" for a blog, embedded facility of Facebook like box, email subscription facility and the google plus page following widgets.

After a long time i am coming with another unique blogger tricks. Many time ago i had shared blogger widgets called Mashable Subscribe Us Widget. This tutorial is also related with the subscription facility only. This Jquery panel having a embedded facility of Facebook like box, email subscription facility and the google plus page following…