hide lables in blogger

How to Hide labels using CSS from Blogger posts?

Hide the blogger category labels with help of CSS style. It will be covered under the designing part of a blogger blog. Here I have created widget generators by which you will be able to install the CSS style to hide category labels in your blogger blog. Design of your blog matters a lot when it's come to the subject of retaining visitors and building strong relationship with them. Generally it is found that many bloggers are using labels in header menu, footer menu and sidebar. So their is  no more importance of labels which are appears just below post body of post title.  (more…)

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identify invalid click adsense

Identify Invalid Adsense Click through Statcounter.

If you have just approved your Adsense account than you must have to know the invalid activities by which your account might be gets deactivated. Google provides the monetizing blog or website through adsense services as it is the most trustable source but still there are many activities which are out of control by our self. We have to protect out Adsense account from invalid activities if you don't do that than might be possible that your Adsense account gets de activated. And you have to submit application form for reactivation Adsense account. (more…)

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How to Change Font Of Blogger Post Title?

font of blogger post title copyPost title is one of the most important think which gives the answer of question "what is the page is all about?" We as a article writter must focus on the title of our blog post, it should be attractive not only by sentences but also by designing too. So by changing blogger post title with awesome fonts will surly help us to build relationship with our visitors. Replacing the existing font with new fonts in blogger post title is too much easy just we need to follow simple instruction. (more…)

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Integrate Adsense with Google Custom Search Engine.

google cse earning moneyInstalling Google custom search engine in blogger is not just provide the facility of searching your blog but also it is provide opportunities to earn money. Enable earn money option from Google CSE and start earning money. There are multiple ways through which we are able to make money but firstly majority of people  start focusing on google adsense. First of all you must have approved adsense account to earn money though google custom search engine. (more…)

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Google Custom Search Two Page Setup for Blogger.

Two-Column+CSEFirst of all you need to create Google custom search engine account for blogger. Google search widget is highly suggested as it is using advance search techniques which is far better than default one. Connecting two pages in blog it means once the vistiors of the blog search on your blog using search box, they will going to redirect a page which is hosted on your own blog for example www.yourblog.com/p/search-result.html. This will create a good image on mind of your visitors.  (more…)

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Create Google Custom Search Engine for Blogger.

google custom search engine

Google custom search engine, A search service by a Google where through we are able search on google with single domain which means if some body search on your blog using your CSE (Custom Search Engine), they will remain on our blog only. with help of this advance search facility your blog visitors will find what they actually need. This will create a strong relationship with visitors along with this you have chance to make money using google cse. (more…)

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