Create 404 Error Page in Blogger.

About a year ago, Blogger had introduce several search preference tools. One of them, 404 error page is a feature. You might have feel when you see several blog which having amazing blogger 404 template, and suddenly question arise in your mind that how can i make it in my blogger blog? So now the answer of your question is available here, you need to create 404 error page by editing CSS as well as HTML code inside your blogger template. By editing this we are going to simply modify "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." with specific instruction. It will help your visitors to serve them better, ultimately visitors is everything for us ^-^.



Create 404 Error Page in Blogger.

In following widget generator

  1. modify current value with your own links.
  2. Click on "Generate" Button.

Insert Code In Blogger

Step 1: Go to blogger Account.

Step 2: Backup your blogger template. ( See: How to backup blogger template?  )

Step 3: Navigate Blogger dashboard > Template > Edit HTML > Find Following Code By pressing Ctrl+F


Step 4: Copy code from Second field of Code/Demo field of widget generator and paste it Just below ]]></b:skin>.

Step 5: Save Template.

Step 6: Now Navigate Blogger Dashboard > Setting  > Search Preferences > click on edit button of "Custom Page Not Found" and  there copy and paste first field of Code/Demo field of widget generator.

Step 7: Click on Save Change. That Set

Now you can test whether 404 page working or not, just type any broken link like….

if you facing any difficulties in above tutorial than feel free to ask question. Just comment it below ^-^.


  1. Umesh Tarsariya

    thanks ankit you are always motivating me to create new things. thanks a lot ^-^

  2. tashreef

    Hey Umesh.. Great article..
    Perfectly working in my blog… Keep it up (Y)

  3. Reginald

    Oh my! Who made you? Your head of full of amazing thing. I wish I knew just a bit of what you knew. I applied it to my blog and it worked just fine. Thanks a lot bro, make God bless you, I just created the blog though, If you can help me in getting and ranking high, I will also appreciate. Thanks again

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