Enable “Blogger Search Preference” Setting For Better SEO.

Blogger Search Engine OptimizationWith the help of advance search preference feature of blogger, you will be able to Get better ranking in search engine. About a year ago blogger has introduced this feature and defiantly it is a good sign for we all. Now those who are using blogger platform, they will be able to gets higher search ranking. The user just required to add required value to there search preference setting that set. It is now very easy to optimize a post in a search engine. You can also easily set Meta Description, Custom Page Not Found, Custom Redirects, Custom robots.txt and Custom robots header tags.

Enable Search Preference Setting:

You can find all the search preference setting in your blogger account.
  • Log in your blogger acccount.
  • Select Blog a blog in which you want to enable your search preference feture.
  • Now Click on “Setting” > “Search Preference” respectively.

Blogger Search Preferences

Enable Meta Description.

Meta tag description is brief and concise summery of your blog or website. it suppose to install after title of the page. user of search engine focus on description of the post after reading title of the post. kept in mind that It is very much necessary that your  meta description is must be related to what you have write in your blog. Use multiple keyword with separated commas in description. Be sure that it is between 150 to 160 characters. With use of character counter you can count your characters.

Meta Description

Enable Custom Page Not Found.

Blogger 404 PageWhen ever any of your visit click on your broken link, they will gets a message what ever you have set by enabling this feature. you just need to create 404 error page for blogger by editing CSS as well as HTML code inside your blogger template. By editing this we are going to simply modify “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.” with specific instruction. It will help your visitors to serve them better, ultimately visitors is everything for us.

Enable Redirect.

Many a time we are required to use redirect feature, when some one click on the one link and they redirect to other post. You can easily setup your redirect feature by adding a broken link to other destination URL. Just read a simple instruction and start using this feature.

Enable Custom Robots.txt

Setup Blogger Robots TXT

You can now able to add Robots.txt in your blogger blog.Every blogger user wants that they website is indexing on the famous Google search engine with higher ranking. By enabling this feature your blog will automatically allow your blog’s sitemap to start indexing in a search engines.

Enable Custom Robots Header Tags.

Custom robots header tags

You can now also be able to enable Your Custom Robots Header Tags. As we all are know that Traffic is a life of any blog, to increase blog traffic the owner of the blog must have to work on S.E.O. Now it not enough that you know how to blog? we have to start work on search engine optimization basic applications, so why are you waiting for just update your settings and start boost your blogger blog traffic, and start improve your search ranking.

If you are facing any kinds of trouble in above tutorial than feel free to ask question, we will solve your query as soon as possible ^-^


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