Blogging Tips for SEO Friendly Keyword Research.

Blogging is very essential component as a marketing tools, Nowadays people are start using blog to promote there business. While searching on search engine, We relevant solution from first page results. That means no one is going to see other pages, now the big question comes into our mind that, how can our blog result will start appearing on front page of search result? Well there are many factors which we have to keep in while writing a post. Search engine result is highly based on keyword that we are using in our article. As i am always telling that Repeat visitors really are very important, Many new bloggers are entering keyword by guesswork which is strongly not recommended. Only high quality Irrelevance keyword is not sufficient, that will give you good traffic not the good loyal visitors. So lets begins with the article to choose proper keyword.

Keyword Research 2013

Well this post is all about selecting right keyword for right content. for Search Engine optimization, Selection of keyword is play a very important rolls. Optimizing your keyword before posting will help to search engine to clear what is post is all about. And proper selection of keyword leads to the blog followers.
For example, assume a situation where visitors comes from search result, and they don’t find related article. This will cause only when you had used improper keyword in your article and that article start ranking. In this situation you will get the traffic but respectively your bounce rate will also going to increase with is not favorable for any blog.

Identify main keyword.

The first step is very important take a few time to identify main keyword for your post. Start Thinking as a visitor and start asking question to your self that “what keyword phrase will visitors use in search engine for your blog post?” List down Three to Five keyword Phrase.

Find Suggested Search for keyword.

There are many online tools available to find suggested keyword, use those keyword, I had just starting using  “UberSuggest” for keyword suggestion. just enter your main keyword there and find suggestions. You will find a list of keyword, select all and save it in notepad file. By screening keyword, select the keyword that match with content of your post.  

Use Google Keyword Tools for accurancy checking.

Google Keyword tools is One of the powerful tools by Google to find the real traffic statistics,  find a search patter of local as well as global behavior of a audience. If your targeted audience falls under special category than select category on it, select location,  language and devices that is matching with your content.  

This tools will help you out to find that “how many people used specific keyword on bases of Local month searches and Global monthly searches?” Select the key word which having higher rank value. and list down those keyword.

Use Keyword while writing post

Finally form a meaning full sentences with help of keyword phrase. You can do research on keyword for your for optimizing title, meta description, images etc. Keyword research is very much necessary in today world of competition. You business will grow only when you have a strong keyword structure.

Your Turn..

Share your experience with us, “What technique or tools are you using for searching keyword?”. Your valuable feedback is very much important for us, share your views suggestions or anything that you would like to mention here.


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